Iphone dst not updating

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Iphone dst not updating

DST 4G service caters to data-only network, which means you will enjoy higher speed data services.For Voice Calls or SMS, your phone service will switch you to either 3G or 2G networks.Hence, your device may switch between 2G, 3G and 4G network coverage as you move around.You will see the network indication on your device screen “4G” when you are within 4G network coverage.Please take note that different handset manufacturers may refer to both terms “4G”. You will definitely experience the difference in data quality and features between 3G and 4G when you are gaming, streaming, downloading, or surfing the Internet.

Yes but it depends on the 4G smartphone device settings.

Hence, you will experience the same voice call quality as your normal “3G” or “2G” services.

Yes, you will need a 4G SIM card in order to connect to DST 4G service.

However, your service will switch to 2G or 3G data coverage in the absence of 4G roaming coverage in certain countries.

Your device will automatically select the strongest signal/network at the area you are in.

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However, there are some phones that may be compatible but may not work on DST 4G network due to certain manufacturers’ restrictions.

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