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Haytham dating cyprus

He viewed social nationalism, his version of nationalism, as a tool to transform traditional society into a dynamic and progressive one.

He also opposed colonization that broke up Greater Syria into sub-states.

After his return, he made a revolutionary speech, upon which the authorities issued an arrest warrant which was in force for seven months and then withdrawn.

In Lebanon, Saadeh founded the newspaper Al-Jil Al-Jadid.

In 1924, Saadeh founded a secret society which aimed at the unification of Natural Syria. Natural Syria, according to Saadeh, included the Levant, Palestine, Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and parts of Southern Turkey.

His concept of Syria included all religious, ethnic and linguistic groups living in this region. In 1931, he wrote "A Love Tragedy" which was first published with his "Story of the Holiday of Our Lady of Sidnaya" in Beirut in 1933.

He was released from prison early, but was once again detained in June 1936 where he wrote another book, "Principles Explained".

Saadeh led the party until 1938 then, for the second time, he left the country in order to establish party branches in the Lebanese emigration countries.

Also, in 1931, Saadeh worked at the daily newspaper Al-Ayyam, then in 1932 he taught German at the American University of Beirut.

On 16 November 1932, Saadeh secretly founded the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

Secularization played an important role in his ideology.

Secularization is taken by him beyond the socio-political aspects of the question into its philosophical dimensions.

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Three years later, on 16 November 1935, the existence of the party was proclaimed, and Saadeh was arrested and sentenced to six years imprisonment.