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Simply plug the rock into an available USB port and you’re done. Not to worry, though, since a snowball fight is possible at any time with this 40-pack kit. If you want to go all out, there’s an inflatable snow castle fort to make it really authentic. Using photographic discs, it was like binoculars into another world.

All of the new pet’s needs will be met by being plugged in. Price: .89 Know someone having a rough time in the dating pool? After 72 hours in water, their new partner will grow to six times their original size and be ready to sit by the fire with a glass of eggnog. Mattel has since updated the View-Master for modern life.

This is a LOTR map of Middle Earth, perfect for anyone who loves the books or movies. If you prefer, you can also get a Game of Thrones map, too. Choose between brass and brown, silver and brown, brass and white, and silver and white. How better to do that than with Shakespearean insults?

Other options include Kega Man and The Legend of Drink. The days of destroying possibly-valuable baseball cards are over with this deluxe kit.

This kit includes three Motocards, each producing a different sound.

Games like this are super fun to play on Christmas morning, even if they can’t compete with the new PS4 game. Price: .99 For those who love vintage games, this desk lamp is a fun way to celebrate their long-standing high score on the Pac-Man cabinet.

It’s a novelty to play a classic game for a little while, especially when it’s presented this nicely. In standard mode, this USB-powered light will cycle through 16 different colors on repeat.

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It’s compatible with every operating system ever created and any that ever will be created, but if you give it to someone who bought a new Mac Book Pro this year, you’ll have to give them a USB-C adapter, too. By downloading apps to your smartphone and placing the phone into the headset, you can enter an immersive, 360-degree world. Price: $13.99 (18 percent off MSRP) Another game as good for the office as it is for the kids’ room, this giant bowling set offers cartoonish proportions for silly fun.