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A fleeting expletive is a non-scripted verbal profanity or obscenity expressed and broadcast during a live television broadcast or radio broadcast.The term appears primarily in discussions of United States broadcasting law. is free to modify existing policy under its regulatory mandate.micah (Micah Cohen, politics editor): Hey, everyone.Today’s topic: Donald Trump’s shifting rhetoric on immigration policy.Can he just stop talking about it now and inspire the same fervor at rallies? And silence could probably be an effective Band-Aid on that wound while he talks about economic policy.

natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): I was going to make fun of “vacationing in Cleveland.” But people from Michigan actually vacation in Cleveland, or at least Sandusky (Cedar Point! Going to Cedar Point as part of a physics class field trip was somewhat of a life-defining moment for me.

” speech on immigration Wednesday; what will you all be watching for? natesilver: It would be disrespectful to policy speeches to see it as a policy speech. natesilver: Anything he says carries no substantive weight because he’s already taken every available position on the issue. anna: You’re probably right for the horse race that it doesn’t matter what Trump actually says, Harry, but I don’t know how he walks his current immigration stance back without injecting some policy into the rhetoric.

natesilver: I think I have a fantasy football draft so I’ll be watching for whether there’s a run on wide receivers. anna: There’s been a lot of talk of “humane” and “fair” policy recently from his camp. For voters who care about immigration, he’ll need some viable policy to make them believe what he’s saying.

If you ask people substantive policy questions about immigration — even if you ask Republicans — the answers are surprisingly centrist.

Most of Trump’s hardcore supporters live in areas where there aren’t very many immigrants.

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His build-a-wall-and-remove-11-million-people stance isn’t popular with a lot of voters. anna: A lot has been written about the fact that flip-flopping or shifting or whatever you want to call it doesn’t seem to be held against Trump in the same way it has with previous candidates.