Free pic of woman looking for sex date

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“I love how hard you always are in the morning.” I continued caressing her pussy with the buzzing toy. “Uh huh, uh huh…” Her body was rocking in time with a beat that only she could hear.

She arched her back, and stretched her lithe nakedness under my tender manipulations. She wasn’t jerking me, as she liked to do, but rather just holding onto it, possessing it. “Uh huh, right there…” Her hand clutched my shaft, relaxed, clutched again in rhythm with the pulsating approach of her first climax of the day. It’s ten times hotter when I know you’re watching me.” I turned off the toy and set it aside. It seemed impossible that I would ever get enough of the sight of her.

I threatened her pussy with it a moment later and she screamed, clapping both hands over her crotch to protect her sensitive girl parts. “I think you should cum on my tits.” I wanted to jump at the invitation, but I knew I shouldn’t.

She formed a cage around my loose nuts with her fingers and let my sack rattle around inside of it while I jerked my cock.

It gave me a warm feeling to be able to see her discovering and experimenting.

“Uh huh…ooooh, fuck, Daddy, there…” Her body jerked, snapping her hips upward against the dildo. My mouth watered at the thought of those soft, puffy nipples of hers against my tongue.

A string of girlish grunts signaled her pleasure as the spasms continued to fire. She noticed where my attention was and brushed her fingers across her pink little mounds.

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She was laid out before me like a virgin sacrifice on the altar of my incestuous lust. None of my past lovers had let on that they were the least bit interested in witnessing my exclusively private act of self-pollution.

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