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It’s just everywhere I go” SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Eventhough he’s known for his physique and killer abs, Justin doesn’t relishhis time in the gym. I’ve got little baby legs”Twitter: @justinbieber Instagram: @justinbieber Photo: © Peter Yang MOST MEMORABLE INTERVIEW “Music icon David Bowie.

So I kind of just switched directions” UNFAZED BY FANGIRLS “I’m prettyused to it now.I don’t think there’s a single actress I have more respect for than her” Twitter: @Giacomo KG Instagram: @giacomo_gianniotti Photo: © Getty Images" src="/images/stories/0/2016/05/04/000/343/015/gallery_3_5.jpg" as Dr. “I was probably in my Airbnb withmy two buddies that drove out here [to L.A.]with me, in the midst of a Corona andwe just celebrated” LA DOLCE VITA “My mom’sa painter and my dad played the sax,so I always had a very artistic surroundinggrowing up” DREAM LEADING LADY “Julianne Moore.” CANADIANA COOL “I love to camp, I love ketchup chips [and] my ideal date is snowmobiling and sitting around a bonfire” Twitter: @jillianharris Instagram: @jillian.harris Photo: © Janis Nicolay" src="/images/stories/0/2016/05/04/000/342/974/gallery_3_5.jpg" host is expecting her first child with boyfriend Justin Pasutto.“[I’m looking forward to] morning snuggles.Right now it’s pretty epic with Justin and [our dog] Nacho.

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Makeup & hair by Veronica Chu, COVERGIRL makeup pro" src="/images/stories/0/2016/05/04/000/342/917/gallery_3_5.jpg"HOMETOWN Vancouver AGE 27 PASSION PROJECT Alongwith husband James Conran, the cover girl and runway starhas launched Co Co, an athleisure label (which shewears here) MODEL MOM “It’s funny how now I don’tremember life before [two-year-old] Ioni,” she tells FACE FACTS “My mom put makeup on me during dancecompetitions and I hated it.

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