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Connect jewish dating agency

The Talmud, Maimonides, and the Code of Jewish Law all codify the commandment to bury the dead. He or she is already in a “better place.” We presume that the dead don’t feel what is happening to the body, don’t really care, and probably aren’t even aware anyway.Spiritual Ramifications The severity, repetition, and focus on providing proper Jewish burial in the Bible, Talmud, and books of Jewish law are remarkable, and hint at its important spiritual ramifications. They explain core concepts about cremation and burial that change the way we think about death — and life. Mourning practices, then, are understood to be for the mourners. While providing comfort to the bereaved is central to Jewish tradition (and is crucial to mourning practices), it is not the only factor to be considered.

As British dramatist Francis Beaumont put it, Returning the body of someone we cared for to the earth is a sign of love. Think back to your first pet: "We burned the trash and buried the treasure.

No wonder that the Talmud compares burial to a type of planting.

Cremation, on the other hand, leaves only burnt ashes, its elements forever changed and almost entirely burnt off.

Others sealed them away in elaborate mausoleums with food and drink, mummified them, left them for the vultures, cannibalized them and done the unthinkable to the bodies of their loved ones.

Presumably, most people simply followed their neighbors’ example in deciding what method to choose.

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